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This is a comprehensive checklist of every Harry Potter related items that Artbox produced. This is designed to be used by collectors to track their collection. It is created in Google Sheets.

Each series and item category is on a seperate page accessed across the bottom. These categories are.

  • Sorcerer's Stone

  • Chamber of Secrets

  • Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Prisoner of Azkaban Update

  • Goblet of Fire

  • Goblet of Fire Update

  • Order of the Phoenix

  • Order of the Phoenix Update

  • Half Blood Prince

  • Half Blood Prince Update

  • Deathly Hallows Part 1

  • Deathly Hallows Part 2

  • Memorable Moments

  • Memorable Moments Series 2

  • The World of Harry Potter

  • The World of Harry Potter 2nd Edition

  • Heroes and Villains

  • Prisoner of Azkaban Filmcardz

  • SDCC Exclusives (By Year)

  • Poster Cards

  • Literary Collectors Cards

  • DVD Promo Cards

  • Scene-It promo cards

  • Cards Inc UK cards

When an Item has been purchased and is in the collection you can simply turn the background of the cell to green to represent the acquisition. 

Some items can be purchased still sealed in their original packs like Promo cards, booster packs or booster boxes. Some SDCC sets can also still be sealed. In these cases there is an indicator to show if you have either or both conditions.

Limited, numbered cards such as Costume or Prop card columns have the ability to record the specific serial number of the card purchased and also the pt thickness of the card. This can be useful when buying card holders for your collection. Some of the thicknesses have already been filled in based on prior knowledge.

In order to use this checklist you will need a google account and you will have to make a copy of the original checklist into your own account. Click the link below to access the original checklist. This checklist is read only.

If you find any errors with the checklist or missing items please feel free to contact me with sugestions.

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