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The Potter Vault

  The site dedicated to the Artbox Harry Potter Trading cards  

Welcome to The Potter Vault website. This site has been created as a personal project to showcase the Harry Potter trading cards released by Artbox from 2004 through 2011. When Artbox first launched their Harry Potter series of movie-based trading cards, they started with the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the following years, they went on to release 17 series of trading cards and a whole bunch of special releases that were exclusive to certain events and trade shows such as San Diego Comic Con.

Another aim of this site is to collect and catalogue images of as many of the limited serial numbered cards as possible. These images are collected from various online sources including other reference sites, auction sites such as eBay and images kindly donated by other collectors. If you have images of cards that you want to contribute to the site then please see the Image Submission page. When viewing the catalogue pages keep in mind that the image quality will vary vastly depending on the source images found for that card.

You will also find on this a comprehensive checklist for collectors to use when starting their own collection and links to other resources related to this magical series of trading cards.

Whether you are a long time collector or new to this series, I hope you find this site useful.



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